Privacy Policy

This policy covers the Rascalbiscuit Ltd webpage and iOS apps developed by Rascalbiscuit Ltd available on the Apple App Store.



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Rascalbiscuit Ltd = we or us



We do not seek to collect your personal information, although if you wish to contact us you can do so via email or social media. We may store that information electronically for the purposes of communicating with you, but we respect your privacy and will not pass that information on to any third party.


We may collect technical information relating to the performance of our apps, such as the number of instances, the type of device, number of impressions, product page views and similar statistics. We automatically collect some information about your visit to the website in the form of technical cookies. Technical cookies are used to provide for a smooth running website. For example, technical cookies assist in collecting and storing items in online shopping carts. User consent is not required for these cookies.


Some of our apps may offer advertisements, in which case we will track the technical performance indicators of them by device, conversion etc.


Sometimes there may be a link on our webpage to another company webpage which will have their own privacy policy and will follow their rules, not those of Rascalbiscuit Ltd.


We only hold your information for as long as required to communicate with you satisfactorily.



Rascalbiscuit Ltd will only contact you when we need to, with a valid reason, and should this occur we will seek your permission to do so.


This policy will be updated as and when it changes and we will let you know when this happens through the webpage and our apps.


You can contact Rascalbiscuit Ltd by email or social media from our contact page.